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        End to end integrated e-freight solutions

        EzySuite is a genuine end-to-end cargo management solution that allows you to take care of your cargo throughout the journey. It enables carries, freight forwarders, integrators, cargo terminal operators and regional post offices to keep track on the cargo and mail movement anytime only in few clicks
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        About GLS
        We have come a long way

        As a Strategic Partner in IATA’s e-freight project, GLS is among those who lead the field in global e-freight development. Apart from providing e-freight solutions to carriers and freight forwarders, we also offer consultancy services to facilitate a seamless digital transformation of e-freight implementation
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        Get your business globally in one single platform and expand your global distribution to over 15,500 freight forwarders.


        We understand efficiency and accuracy of shipment information are the most important value to you.


        Getting standardized and accurate document save the time and prevent delays in cargo movement.

        We understand your business

        What is EzySuite?

        EzySuite contains of 5 different e-freight applications that works well with each other along the cargo transportation chain. EzySuite is the ultimate gateway for seamless air cargo information exchange that meets the need of different stakeholders. It also works with EDMP to further elevates productivity.


        EzyCargo connects forwarders to carriers and carriers to forwarders for bookings, shipment data exchange, and tracking of status. The integrated features blend well in just a few clicks. Directly integrating the forwarder and carrier systems ensures data are exchanged in the most efficient and accurate manner. The ground operators module enables the receipt of shipment data and the transport document for the automated cargo acceptance process.


        The proactive consignment management solution works for both CARDIT and RESDIT exchange. EzyPost consolidates mail information processing, operational management and UPU standardized messaging on one single platform. You can also generate customized performance reports to review productivity.


        EzyCustoms understands the key for operation optimization are compliance, data integrity, accuracy and security. The web-based multi-customs connected solution accelerates operation efficiency by applying one simple and generic workflow across different customs.


        EzyFreight is the genuine integrated electronic cargo Document Management Solutions (DMS) to meet the needs of data quality for all stakeholders along the transportation chain. EzyFreight is also the useful tool to enable carriers and ground operators in performing highly automated cargo acceptance in strict compliance of business rules and standards.


        The highly intuitive platform brings together major air carriers, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents and other industry associates that provide timely and accurate tracking of cargo movement. It is certified by Cargo iQ as The First in Asia fully compliant CDMP service provider.


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